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Cape Cod

East Coast vacation at Cape Cod 
Cape Cod Graphic Map

Cape Cod can be considered a vacation spot nearly year round, but it's probably best known for summer and then later in fall for Whale watching.. Of course when we say "Cape Cod Vacation" we are also thinking of Martha's Vineyard.
So what's to see and do other than the beach (and be prepared.. it's rocky and you will want a pair of canvas shoes to wear so you don't cut your feet!)
Cape Cod Truo Lighthouse
<==The Trouo Lighthouse about half way out the cape... be sure to visit it
But there is so much more than the beach. About half way out the cape you'll run into the Truo light house, and we got to know this area well as there is (or was.. maybe it's gone now) an Air Force base that at one time was a radar installation watching for missles and bombers coming in over the Atlantic.. and we had an assignment there. There's a nice camp ground there and it's where we made home in our RV.
Cape Cod of course is famous for it's art an antinques... one can spend a few days just traveling and visitng old art places.

Cape Cod Lodging

There's many places to stay ranging from quaint Bed and Breakfasts to major hotel names, but be warned: These places fill up quickly, particularly in summer season, whale watching season, and weekends. We reccomend you never plan to stay on Cape Cod without a Cape Cod Hotel Reservation. 
Interested in Witches.. How about nearby Salem where some of the oldest witch trials were held. And a famous book or two was written. Great walking tours at Salem. Want to really prepare well beyond this blog: Click HERE for a Great Cape Cod Travel Book. 

  Salem, MA Hotels and Attractions

As the video above just showed you, there are many attractions in Salem, MA and many hotels in Salem, MA as well... just in case you are not staying on the cap.
If you did not play the video above, do it now.
Of course there are many more Salem, MA attractions.. shopping, anqtiques, books, etc.
Be sure and take them all in.